The Best Educational Youtube Channels for Students - Learn in Color


I did not include any channels for toddlers or early elementary. Because of the width of YouTube, kids can come across crazy things on YouTube! For even more safety, watch the following videos on the channel’s website or YouTube Kids instead of YouTube. Learn in Color is not affiliated with any of the channels below. […]


  1. Posted by tiffanylane2008, — Reply

    snake discovery is another great one

  2. Posted by lorirobinson1, — Reply

    Kids Learning Tube is a good one too

  3. Posted by ragulrollins007, — Reply

    See u in history is a great one for studying about different mythologies👍

  4. Posted by avabelle814, — Reply

    It’s okay to be smart is awesome

  5. Posted by aq1uz, — Reply

    You spelled Khan Academy wrong. Nice list.

  6. Posted by briberg53, — Reply

    Is brainpop still a thing? That website was really helpful when I was in elementary school!

  7. Posted by LannisterFilth, — Reply

    For science students from india, try physicswallah. He is god. He has 3 million subscribers for a reason

  8. Posted by Error0786, — Reply

    Grown up seeing all this only! Sometimes I do think it's better to pay them rather than to school & teachers.... cuz these channels explanation were far much better and understandable than teachers😬!

  9. Posted by cadenceM33, — Reply

    I luv art for kids hub

  10. Posted by MoonMalia, — Reply

    Youre missing Ameoba Sisters for High School Bio! Life saver!

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